Our proposed solution is to use the existing power station line and then create a rail link back through the Ironbridge Gorge and if feasible perhaps eventually to Bridgnorth. Nine new railway stations could be created, giving opportunities for tourist travel and commuting.

It also unlocks a significant number of opportunities for the use of the power station site including:

  • Residential development
  • 1000-space Park and Ride development
  • Leisure retail village
  • A 4 star hotel and conference centre
  • A high-tech R+D Innovation and technology centre

Behind the Vision

  • The Buildwas Power Station site offers an excellent opportunity to create a mixed-use development as an additional complementary destination at the head of the World Heritage Gorge without impinging upon the quality of the existing environment.
  • Such redevelopment would enhance the future prosperity of the local area encouraging greater tourism and provide numerous jobs, particularly for the local community.
  • The re-introduction of passenger rail transport into the Gorge along the old GWR(Severn Valley) line is essential to support investment of this magnitude, for it would ease access, alleviate visitors traffic congestion and parking problems and help to reduce pollution levels.
  • The proposed concept would respect not only the environment of the World Heritage environment but also the physical characteristic and ecologic quality of the power station site. Rail transportation is also a very sustainable means of travel within the World Heritage Gorge.
  • Such a proposal could be achieved through the formation of public/private enterprise partnership.