Benefits of Rail

The obvious solution for future access

Rail is now a priority of many local authorities, playing a key part in local plans and green transport policies because it has a reputation for being able to stimulate economic growth; see the importance of public transport in the "sustainability pyramid".

Rail is also critical in being able to reduce the amount of traffic and reduce congestion.

The industry has been in continuous growth since 1994 and it is unlikely that this trend will change despite the current effect of Covid 19. It is therefore important to consider the use of rail as a protective measure for areas of great natural beauty such as the Ironbridge Gorge as it is a sustainable solution which reduces pressure on narrow road corridors,

Benefits of rail:
1. Reduced traffic congestion
2. Helps reduce pollution
3. Aids economic growth and encourages inward investment in the area
4. Easier access to and from the Gorge
5. Aids the growth of tourism