Access to Ironbridge

A sustainable transport solution in the Gorge would enable the area to prosper for the following reasons:

  • Encourage more tourist, commercial and residential growth in an area where there is currently restricted or insufficient existing transport, whilst providing opportunities for visitors to access the Gorge without traffic problems
  • Offer better travel options for visitors and residents linking to Telford and the surrounding area particularly, if the power station redevelopment was to be imaginatively designed as a “Shropshire hub” – a destination of national importance.
  • Greatly enhances a unique opportunity to develop the World Heritage site at Buildwas sympathetically, to be recognised nationally and internationally as the “Gateway to the Gorge” – being a model for environmental, economic and social community improvement.
  • Provision of a community railway operating a service mix of heritage trains and ultra modern heavy rail compatible Parry People Mover (PPM) units along the former GWR (Severn Valley) line, providing the introduction of a most sustainable transport system without creating congestion. Whilst the former operates at SVR with enthusiastic public support, the latter successfully does so at Stourbridge, feeding the main line services. The operation of old and new technology in the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution would indeed be most appropriate !!

Ironbridge & Broseley station before closure.

Ironbridge & Broseley station before closure.

Historic Rail Corridors

Historic Rail Corridors - click on the image for a larger version.

Gateway to the Gorge

Gateway to the Gorge - click on the image for a larger version.