Linley Halt

Linley Halt was a small railway station on the Severn Valley line in Shropshire, England. The single siding accessed by means of a ground frame was taken out of use in December 1957. The siding connected with the running line with a trailing connection in the up direction. Although thought by some people to have been closed as part of the Beeching axe in 1963 its planned closure pre-dated his report. The station was built at the behest of Thomas C. Whitmore of Apley Park Estate. Apley House lies on the opposite bank of the River Severn to the station. Access from the estate to the station is via a chain suspension bridge.

The little altered station building survives as a private residence although the canopy that provided shelter to passengers on the platform has been removed. The building is to the same design as Hampton Loade, on the preserved Severn Valley Railway.

Linley railway station was one of the filming locations for the 1960 classic film The Grass is Greener starring Carry Grant and Deborah Kerr. It is probable that filming was carried out at the disused railway.



A general view of Linley station, Shropshire, looking towards Bridgnorth. Oil lighting on the only platform with a running-in board to the right. Main building in the centre with station staff standing in front. This station was on the original Severn Valley Railway and is very similar to that at Hampton Loade. Photograph: Unknown/Kidderminster Railway Museum KRM ref 32274